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residential power washing services

Concrete Power Washing Service

Restore your concrete surfaces to a like new appearance, removing unwanted stains, gum, moss and mildew.  Annual concrete pool decking can keep your pool looking crisp. Here are a few typical examples of results we can achieve.

Wood Deck Power Washing

Wood surfaces, such as decks are subject to the elements, year round, turning your prized possession into something less desirable.  Our cleaning process can restore your deck so that it has that new appearance. Ideal for preparing it for another annual protectant seal.

Sand Blasting Services

Removing years of paint, primer and environmental elements is no easy task.

Using our proven sandblasting technique, you can restore brick and stone down to it's original substrate -- leaving it in it's natural state or prepare of another technique.(i.e. paint or prime).


power washing new jersey

​Google through hundreds of pages of power washing companies, trying to determine which one to choose?  Well, look no further.  

We are experts in commercial or residentialpower washing which needs to be done quickly and with an eye for best quality and price. Therm-O-Jet now offers commercial snow removal services. Call for a free estimate.

Our employees are highly-trained professionals with over 30 years experience working for both commercial and residential clients power washing  NJ, NY, CT.