power washing new jersey

​Google through hundreds of pages of power washing companies, trying to determine which one to choose?  Well, look no further.  

We are experts in commercial or residentialpower washing which needs to be done quickly and with an eye for best quality and price. Therm-O-Jet now offers commercial snow removal services. Call for a free estimate.

Our employees are highly-trained professionals with over 30 years experience working for both commercial and residential clients power washing  NJ, NY, CT.

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Friendly Attitudes

Our employees arrive on the job with a smile on their face and spring in their step.

Industry-best Quality

We never cut corners on a job, and we never will.

Expert Work

Every employee we employ is trained and certified, with years of experience.

industrial power washing services

Vehicle Tunnel Power Washing

Therm-O-Jet has a patent pending hardware and chemical solution which cleans major highway tunnels and adjacent areas free of carbon.  We have been contracted by some of the largest Port Authority Transportation Tunnels in New York & New Jersey.

Highway Toll Canopy Power Washing

Toll collector booths and overhead canopies can be restored to their original condition; creating a safer environment for your customers and employees.

Graffiti Removal Power Washing

Graffiti can ruin the appearance of any establishment. Therm-O-Jet offers graffiti removal services as well as anti-graffiti techniques which may be of interest to you. Servicing New York, New Jersey and Connecticut